Master Closet

Arrange clothing + accessories by season,category + color. Shoes boxed + photographed.Handbags filled with tissue.


Box + label seasonal clothing, sporting gear,holiday, file archives, gardening supplies,hardware + keepsakes.


Clear workspace clutter by creatingfiling systems + streamlining drawers.


Create pretty + practical diapering, feeding
sleeping + play areas.

Children's Room

Organize + contain toys, books,
art supplies + schoolwork.


Organize counter space + assign practicalplacement for cooking, baking + pantry items.

Living/Family Room

Categorize + arrange books + media.
Create photo albums.

Dining Room

Organize + store china + silver
in protective cases.

Dorm + Semester Abroad

Organize your child's new dorm room + help the traveling student prepare fora semester abroad.

Summer House

Open your summer home + prepare it foryour family's arrival with all that will ensurea comfortable, relaxing + fun-filled vacation.


supervise packing, safe transport, unpacking + placement of every item in your new home.

Project Coordinator

Oversee house renovation + design schedules.

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