Luxury Home Organizing & Total Move Management

professional organizing for luxury residential & commercial spaces In New York City

Available for travel

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Our Process

1. Consult

Discuss which areas need attention, the desired timeframe, the level of organization you’re envissioning.


Identify what can be discarded, donated, sold, consigned, stored, or shredded.

3. Sort + Place

Categorize + place items where they make the most sense for your lifestyle.

4. Organize + Label

Source accessories that will ensure lasting organization.

5. Maintenance

Available for continuing maintenance.


Clients say:

Kim Parker’s professional organizing skills are unmatched in NYC.

She is extremely thorough, thoughtful + especially respectful. She asks smart questions + thinks of ways to be helpful that would never occur to me. I always know I can hand her chaos + come home to order + organization that makes sense for my life. Everyone I have ever recommended use her service is exuberant in their praise for her + they always end up as long term clients. She is the one to call.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Actress, Producer, Mother