What Our Clients Have To Say About Their Experience

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Our clients tend to have several things in common:

the desire to work with a professional to manage all aspects of their home organization

the desire to hand over control to experts

desire to make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families

“I’ve worked with Kim Parker and her team for years, and have used their help many times when organizing, moving, storing or renovating. Kim thoughtfully maximizes every inch of space, and makes every place she touches more functional and more beautiful. Coming home after Kim has done her work is a true pleasure!”
LAUREN GRAHAM / Actor & Author

"Kim Parker’s professional organizing skills are unmatched in NYC. She is extremely thorough, thoughtful + especially respectful. She asks smart questions + thinks of ways to be helpful that would never occur to me. I always know I can hand her chaos + come home to order + organization that makes sense for my life. Everyone I have ever recommended use her service is exuberant in their praise for her + they always end up as long term clients. She is the one to call."

SARAH JESSICA PARKER / Actress, Producer, Mother

“She will handle every detail of your move-in, from a complete unpacking to (the most beautiful!) placement of everything — you will come home to the most cozy and peacefully ordered environment. Kim Parker is a true gift! She can do anything and everything and is a complete joy to work with. I have always felt completely seen and supported by her and her creativity and great eye for order and beauty are unparalleled!”

Heather Barriatua

“I have used her for many very complicated moves and meticulous house installs and the finished product is always perfection. I don’t know what I would do without Kim Parker and her amazing team! I cannot recommend her highly enough – she is a lifesaver!”

Tina Weinstock

“Any sort of moving is stressful, but having Kim as that go to person just makes the job so much smoother, on the clients end and on the movers end. The Velvet Touch has been working with Kim Parker longer than I have been there which is 7 years. We have the best relationship with her. Every single job that we do with Kim goes without a hitch due to her organization. Not only is Kim amazing at what she does but she is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. “

Marianna Ciulla, Operations Manager/Client Relations

“Kim creates life changing peace of mind. She has is a truly gifted spacial sense and intrinsically understands that order is in itself beautiful design. I couldn’t live without her services myself and recommend her to every client.”

Jen Albano
Aesthetic Consultant

“I first worked with Kim to streamline my home office and we’ve made our way through my entire apartment and workplace. Kim is able to work independently and never makes you feel guilty for your clutter. She’s equal parts organizer, shrink and friend and clients who have used her services often lose more weight (not kidding). When you organize one part of your life other areas often follow.

Lauren Slayton
Owner of Foodtrainers

“What can I say about Kim? She is amazing! From the second I met her I gained a sense of calm and that was before she got her hands on my closet. Kim was able to organize my clothing in a beautiful and practical way. Her great organizing skills allowed me to find all the hidden gems that I’d forgotten about. She was also a great “counselor” and enabled me to purge the junk that was cluttering my space. Being an interior designer, I cherish professionalism and perfectionism. I always have no reservation recommending Kim to any of my clients, friends and family, since I know she will not let them down!”

Lisa Merkatz
Lisa Merkatz Design LLC New York, NY

Kim Parker is hands down one of the very best in her field…thorough, thoughtful and super organized! And trust me…I’m one heck of a task master when it comes things being organized. I adore her and wouldn’t use anyone else…if only I could clone her and use her on all my projects!

Eric Hughes
Interior Designer, Eric Hughes Design

"Organizing isn't my strongest skill enter...Kim Parker. Whether for myself or my clients, I wouldn't use anyone else…so professional and couldn't be lovelier to work with."

Nathan Turner
Interior Designer and Owner of Nathan Turner Antiques

I am writing to recommend Kim Parker and her family to your building. We closed on our co-op in the West Village on January 19, 2009. From that moment on we have relied on KimParker to handle virtually every detail of our move and set up. More recently she handled a more delicate and personal matter for us with her signature professionalism and discretion. We rely on Kim Parker and imagine you will come to as well!

I first met Kim Parker when I was a Vogue editor. I was introduced to Kim by the President of Ralph Lauren Fragrances, a division of L’Oreal, when I was looking for an operations executive who could handle highly confidential and sensitive matters with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. Kim has fulfilled that role—and more—over the years. She has worked with me in various ways, including helping in the start-up of
my company.

Dorothy Scheffer Faux